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Moveon.org: no surprise there

I’m not in the least bit surprised that Moveon.org paid for the odious and despicable full-page ad that questions the patriotism and valor of a man that has spent his life serving the country. While their ad printed what people who have actually spent time in Iraq call

wholly inaccurate to the point that a candid person might call them lies,

I’m quite sure that the truthers and other assorted oddballs and nuts on the far left sang their praises for this disgusting attack.

That Moveon.org is siding with the enemy, pandering to the lowest common denominator, and dancing on the fringes — if not blundering well into the realm — of treason here, is no surprise. They are the personification of the lunatic fringe. They are so far over board that the hard core left of the Democrats in Congress have even had to distance themselves from their actions. Even CNN is now admitting that Moveon is a “liberal advocacy group.” Heck, even John Kerry, of Winter Soldier fame, has called the Moveon ad, “over the top.”

It’s no surprise that Moveon would sink this low. The real problem here is what Micahel Yon noted in his NRO editorial.

The responsible parties are those at the New York Times who accepted money and prostituted their pages to print tabloid-level rants.

That the New York Times allowed itself to be sullied by the foul stench of this Moveon.org ad shows that it is still stuck in the mindset that brought on the Jayson Blair affair. They apparently are still the same group that will do anything for a headline; anything for a buck. They have once again shown that in their eyes honor and dignity don’t mean a thing, and if a flashy headline hurts the country, so be it.

I expected this and worse from Moveon. I had hoped for better from the NY Times.

UPDATE (Sept. 11, 2007): Confederate Yankee has an amusing side discussion going on about the rate that Moveon.org paid for the full page “Betray Us” ad. I do know, from my own experience, that it is not unusual for companies to pay a different rate than the one listed on the rate card (normally they do pay the set rate, but there are exceptions). However, I also know that when we’re selling ads, we don’t typically rush to give 60% discounts to advertisers that want to publish ads containing content which is philosophically and morally divergent from our own views.

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  • Dan says:


    Thought this news might be of some interest to your readers:

    NEW moveon.org TV ad coming out on Monday Sept 17th…basically calling President Bush a traitor.

    Catch it here:
    MoveOn.org TV Ad

    For general david betray us fans or not:
    General David Betray Us

    Have a great weekend!