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Michelle Obama hates America

The more I read about Michelle Obama’s repeated diatribes against America, the more I am convinced that she really does not like this country.

After warming up the crowd, Obama launched into her stump speech, a forty-five-minute monologue that she composed herself and delivers without notes. …

The four times I heard her give the speech—in a ballroom at the University of South Carolina, from the pulpit of Pee Dee Union, at an art gallery in Charleston, and in the auditorium of St. Norbert College, in De Pere, Wisconsin—its content was admirably consistent, with few of the politician’s customary tweaks and nods to the demographic predilections, or prejudices, of a particular audience.

Obama begins with a broad assessment of life in America in 2008, and life is not good: we’re a divided country, we’re a country that is “just downright mean,” we are “guided by fear,” we’re a nation of cynics, sloths, and complacents. “We have become a nation of struggling folks who are barely making it every day,” she said, as heads bobbed in the pews. “Folks are just jammed up, and it’s gotten worse over my lifetime. And, doggone it, I’m young. Forty-four!”

From these bleak generalities, Obama moves into specific complaints. Used to be, she will say, that you could count on a decent education in the neighborhood. But now there are all these charter schools and magnet schools that you have to “finagle” to get into. (Obama herself attended a magnet school, but never mind.) Health care is out of reach (“Let me tell you, don’t get sick in America”), pensions are disappearing, college is too expensive, and even if you can figure out a way to go to college you won’t be able to recoup the cost of the degree in many of the professions for which you needed it in the first place. “You’re looking at a young couple that’s just a few years out of debt,” Obama said. “See, because, we went to those good schools, and we didn’t have trust funds. I’m still waiting for Barack’s trust fund. Especially after I heard that Dick Cheney was s’posed to be a relative or something. Give us something here!”

For those who have missed that speech or others by Ms. Obama, here’s the money quotes, straight from the horse’s mouth (via: Gateway Pundit). Never been proud of her country before her husband started having a “hope” of getting real power.

From the mouth of someone who has listened to Mrs. Obama give the speech several times, we hear that she prepared the speech herself and has it so close to her heart that she can speak to the topic for 45 minutes without interruption. We also hear that the speech is “admirably consistent.” Over and over and over again, Michelle Obama tells audiences that the country is broken, mean, divided, that there’s nothing to be proud of here. People are slothful and complacent, but still somehow manage to “struggle”. Above all, however, is the fact that Michelle Obama has not gotten hers yet. As Sister Toldjah notes, Mrs. Obama is the personification of the socialist mindset.

She is “admirably consistent” in expressing her anger and bitterness about how badly she has been allegedly treated. Additionally, she is “admirably consistent” about standing there with her hand out DEMANDING that you make it up to her; that you give her “hers!”

Truthfully, I am at a loss to understand why she seems to have such a hate on for this country. It is solely because of the freedoms and opportunities that all people in this country enjoy that she has been able to enjoy her life of relative ease and luxury (i.e. compared to other people around the world) — she has gone to the best schools, worked as a top administrator at a respected hospital, enjoyed the multiple millions in proceeds from the sales of her husband’s best selling novel, she has enjoyed the lifestyle associated with being married to a prominent politician, and she is actually considering the real possibility that she could soon be the First Lady of the United States. All of that and much much more and she still complains about how bad and broken, mean, divided, and just plain wrong this country is.

Enough Ms. Obama! Your constant harangue against the U.S. has gone beyond offensive. To put it simply, you’re wrong!

There is really nothing more disgusting than someone who has an abundance of the very best that this country has to offer complaining that they haven’t been given enough. The more she talks, the more Mrs. Obama sounds like the spoiled rich princess that screeched about how her father had “ruined her life” because he bought her the red Lexus instead of the blue for her sixteenth birthday.

Mrs. Obama, there are some of us out here that are proud of this country and the good that it has done around the world. We recognize that the country is not perfect, but given the other options, we’re quite happy that we can stay here.

More simply, there are some of us who are thankful for the opportunities and blessing we enjoy because we are fortunate enough to live here. There are some of us who are looking for a leader, not someone who is going to complain about how unfair their gilded life is to endure.

Mrs. Obama, you should take a moment and count your blessings for living a life that most of us can only dream of instead of complaining about all the things you don’t have.

5 Responses to Michelle Obama hates America

  • Does anyone know the background of mr Barak Obama?
    How many years as a senator?
    What else has he done to qualify him for the job as president??

    I keep listening to the reports on CNN and FOX, but his backgroud never comes up.
    Is he a white man or an african american, or some form of Muslim,
    I saw a picture of his grandparents who looked extremely WHITE?

    Curious as a voter in the US of A.

    James Anthony Pittsburgh PA


  • I really hate it when people dog our President, his familay and administration. I believe it my duty as an American to stand behind my President, and rather that criticize, support our Leadership.

    Except for electing a new President, what other options do you have. Impeach? Do you really believe this would help America.

    No, the only thing we can do is support our President, his family and his administration 100%. This means, not bad-mouthing, complaining, moaning or groaning.

    Whoever thinks they can do it better; run for office the next time elections are up. Do it better or shut up!

  • Jason Hayes says:

    I’m wondering if you have been similarly concerned with criticism of any other president(s)? Just wondering.

    Wondering also if you have ever supervised an employee, or worked at a job that had a supervisor? Did you, or they, just leave the employees to their own devices; never checking on their progress; never correcting poor performance; always supporting that employee 100%, regardless of their job performance? Of course not! If you had, your business couldn’t last. You can’t expect a government of the people, by the people, and for the people to be successful if the people never get involved except as cheerleaders.

    Coming from another angle might also help you to better understand that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance (Wendell Phillips) and that we have a thing called the First Amendment in the U.S. that ensures our right to “petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Just one quote from one of Obama’s own administration should suffice.

    I’m sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we’re Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration. — Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton