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Ann Coulter has become Miley Cyrus

Bernard Goldberg nails it in his recent editorial, “How Ann Coulter Became Miley Cyrus.”

It’s clear that Ann has effectively confirmed her “jumped the shark” status when she thinks she can pretend to innocently refer to the President, not once, not twice, but (incredibly) three times in one interview as a “monkey.” (A term she very well knows has been a treasured verbal epithet of brain dead racists throughout the ages.)

Ann Coulter was on television plugging an old book that just came out in paperback and a new one coming out next month. So Ann did what Ann always does to drum up business. She came up with something outrageous to say that would get the buzz going.

She went on Sean Hannity’s TV show and decided the best way to create some noise would be to call the first black president of the United States of America … a monkey. …

Ann Coulter is the Miley Cyrus of political commentary. Miley tried to shock us with her sex act on national TV. She wanted everyone over 25 to gasp and be outraged. Instead we yawned and said she’s pathetic. Anyone who tries that hard to shock is automatically boring. Take note, Ann.

It’s time for Ann to step it back a whole lot. Maybe in doing so, she could regain a touch of credibility.

I get that it’s a free country – even free enough for racist morons to spew their garbage – even free enough for Ann to pretend that she didn’t mean to call the first African-American President a “monkey” (three times). I get that she’s trying to sell books. I get that she’s trying to be edgy.

I get it, but honestly, I’m tired of all the edgy, wild, libertine souls among us trying to shock and offend as a means of proving how liberated, or new, or different they are from all the other squares out there. That sort of thing worked for James Dean in the 50’s. It worked for Elvis in the 60’s. It worked for the Sex Pistols in the 70’s. It worked for Boy George in the ’80’s. It even worked for Jaye Davidson and Madonna in the ’90’s. It’s getting old now, and it’s pathetic to see people like Ann, Lindsay, and Miley duke it out for the wild-child title belt today.

The sad thing is that Ann’s boorish behavior only distracts from the fact that Putin did completely outmaneuver President Obama by publicly claiming to have brokered a deal with Syria to address the oversight and disposal of their chemical weapons.

Of course our mainstream media will pull a hamstring struggling to build a story that the entire world somehow suddenly fell under the sway of the President and was forced by the sheer power of his personality, Nobel Peace Prize, and the threat of his Clinton-esque “just lob a few cruise missiles at it” style of foreign diplomacy to step in. The reality is, however, that to the rest of the world President Obama came away from this situation looking like a bumbling weakling and a fool.

Everyone else on the planet can see that Putin took charge in this situation, while Mr. Obama just fumbled around claiming he wouldn’t help Al-Qaeda by helping Al-Qaeda and trying to lay the blame for yet another diplomatic failure on Congress, the world, President Bush, … anyone at all, except for himself.

Our President is turning our foreign policy into a complete joke and rather than addressing that in a head on, honest fashion, Ann somehow manages to verbally twerk the situation into something even more pathetic.

I’m just hoping now that Jimmy Kimmel will step into the picture with a fire extinguisher and let us know that the whole thing was a hoax.

2 Responses to Ann Coulter has become Miley Cyrus

  • greg says:

    How many times was Bush compared to a monkey? The term isn’t racist, “you made a monkey out of me” is a common expression. I’m tired of pussy libertarians and conservatives that fight nice while the left fights dirty. Ann Coulter has been called worst than monkey, yet you tell her to step back? The woman is a brilliant writer, you should read her books before judging her. PS. Miley Cyrus is great to, I’m so tired of the puritans that hate female sexuality like Sinead Oconnor (who’s also a socialist and thus the enemy). Wake up! Coulter is a friend of freedom, we don’t have many of those. We should be joining her quest.

  • Jason Hayes says:

    Interesting rebuttal. I agree, Ann Coulter is a brilliant writer, but she diminishes her impact by playing games like this. Given the fact that President Obama and many on the left use any disagreement with them to scream “RACIST!!!” (or bigot, homophobe, sexist, etc.), I don’t see any value in deliberately leading the argument to an area where you know you’re blurring the lines. By doing that, you’re only adding fuel to the deluded fires that are raging in their brains. It was clear, however, in that interview that Ann was deliberately pushing the limit, as even her good friend Hannity was uncomfortable with the reference being used three times.

    Short answer to your comment is that there is a clear difference between referring to President Bush and President Obama as a “monkey;” I’m sorry that you can’t see that difference.

    If you like Miley Cyrus, more power to you. She is a talented singer, although I personally don’t enjoy her style of music. More than anything, I feel sorry for her as her antics and increasingly outlandish stunts make it clear that she lives her life for this type of media attention.

    As an aside, being a sexual being doesn’t mean that you have to spread your “sexuality” all over the front pages of every tabloid and video screen. One can have a very fulfilling, healthy, and happy sex life and sexuality without forcing it down everyone else’s throat.