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Mika Brzezinski: media bias personified

Here’s a classic clip from the Joe Scarborough show on MSNBC. This clip clearly shows how some people in the mainstream media will refuse to let go of their anti-gun bias. Don’t bother then with little things like facts; they aren’t interested. They’re going to hold onto that nonsensical notion like a dog with a new bone. And they’ll tear your arm off if you try and take the notion away from them.

In this clip Mika Brzezinski, a part-time co-host, is confronted with the fact that an armed, civilian, volunteer security guard (Jeanne Assam) at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs stopped would-be-mass-murderer Mathew Murray before he could kill dozens (hundreds?) more people. However, Brzezinski refuses to accept that this was a good thing. She appears to believe that the members of the church should have sat quietly, waiting for the police to arrive, while Murray carried out his murderous scheme.

You can watch Brzezinski growing more and more irritated with Scarborough as he insists that Assam “saved hundreds of lives.” In fact she tries to stop Scarborough’s comments on the issue by first frostily replying “YES! Yes she did … thank you.” She then snaps “ALRIGHT!” while sending a frigid glare toward Scarborough when he playfully reinforces the number; “hundreds.”

She moves on by trying to diminish Assam’s role in stopping the shooting spree. She describes how police reports indicated Assam’s shot “only wounded Murray” and that he likely committed suicide.

When Scarborough continues by noting that “one person with a gun can make a big difference,” Brzezinski brings everything to a halt by glaring at Scarborough for a full 3-5 seconds, and angrily retorting,

OH GOSH!! NO! NO! NO! No no no no no no no no no no …. Camera stay here!

Scarborough then again retorts,

You know what I mean? … You know what I mean Willie (Geist)?

Willie replies that,

They were quick to point that out yesterday I noticed.

Scarborough continues,

You want this going this out, (difficult to understand) but one person with a gun, in the right place, can make a big difference.

Willie quickly interjects,

for good and for bad

Scarborough relents

for good and for bad

And Willie reasserts his claim again,

for good and for bad

Brzezinski sits in stunned silence for a few seconds, turning in her chair to stare at Willie and then Scarborough and then adds in an exasperated, incredulous tone,

You know … that is the most … ummmm … inane statement that I’ve ever heard

Once again, Brzezinski shows her inability to enter the real world with every one else. She refuses to accept, despite having the proof dropped in front of her, that a firearm can be used for good.

The problem is that people like her are costing lives. As I noted a few days ago, by forcing their hoplophobia into our lives and public policy, they effectively disarm those people — like Assaam — who are willing to defend themselves and others from murderers. They make it easy for the Mathew Murray’s of the world to kill.

Via Newsbusters and the NRA ILA

UPDATE: Here’s what often happens to compliant, unarmed victims.

The clerk and the lone customer, facing a semiautomatic weapon, did exactly as the robber told them to do.

She opened the cash register, stepped backward, and sank to her knees. He remained still, hiding behind a display of phone cards.

It wasn’t enough.

Police said the robber killed them anyway.

I don’t know that having a firearm in this situation could have stopped the robber/murderer, but it’s obvious that not having one ensured the final outcome.

Rudy Giuliani and the Second Amendment

Here’s a few reminders of Rudy Giuliani’s take on the Second Amendment for those who might have considered voting for him.

Rudy on gun controlRudy on gun control
Rudy on gun controlRudy on gun control

If little things like the Constitution mean anything to you, you’ll probably want to look for another Republican presidential candidate.

Borrowed from Flahsbunny.org