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Breitbart confronts bussed in “protestors”

It’s amusing to watch the union-directed rent-a-mob that was bussed in to protest the “hate” at Right Nation 2010. Rather than simply accept the cannard that any mob of angry left-wing ranters represents the will of the people, Breitbart walked over the the crowd and started asking them some simple questions. Not surprisingly, none of the protesters had any clue about why they were there, what their sign meant, who was “hating,” or how “hate” or “racism” was being shown by members of the TEA Party. None of them could or would explain why they were allowing themselves to be led around like sheep by the group leaders (Eugene Winkler and CJ Hawking) either.

Perhaps the most enlightening portion of the video was when one of the protesters (who was in the process of being whisked away from Breitbart’s questions by Winkler) loudly opined to her friends in the that she thought Breitbart was “gay.” Who would have thought that a group of big tent “progressives” who were there to protest the “hate” and “racism” in the TEA Party would so openly take pleasure in homophobic slurs?

The video is well worth watching in full because it clearly demonstrates the lack of rational thought, as well as the hate and bigotry that is present on the progressive side. It also demonstrates that the progressive protests we see on the news every night are very likely ready-made rent-a-mobs, bussed in by local unions and left-wing special interest groups.

To steal Nancy Pelosi’s term, they are Astroturf in every sense of the word and represent nothing more than the will of a few union thugs and left-wing activists.