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Marketable minority profiles

Victor Davis Hansen considers the failure of the assumable minority identity in a recent post. As I noted in my previous posts on the Obama “Kenyan” bio (here and here), the fault lies wholly at the feet of the people engaging in the fraud. But few, if any, in positions of power have the courage to stand up and say that the king is strutting down the street buck naked.

Hansen quite rightly notes that many in the postmodern, politically correct, and progressive community feel no qualms engaging in fraudulent misrepresentation of their lives and history as a means of bolstering the progressive street cred. However, the problem with their situational ethics is that there is no longer a foundation upon which we can review their performance or abilities.

… we seem to forget that these are not just absent-minded slips, but deliberate frauds. These lies always result in making the author/professor/candidate more, not less, exotic and thus more marketable in today’s PC landscape. So when Obama, the former editor of the Harvard Law Review and current president of the United States, and Warren, a Harvard Law professor, fabricate their identities for career advantage, then who polices the police?

No one would ever seriously and openly advocate that our youth pattern their lives after frauds and liars. However, given the politically correct straightjackets that censor rebuttals to the ‘assumable minority identity,’ no one is free to criticize Warren because to do so would be to attack her imaginary Native-American “heritage.” One can’t criticize Obama’s own 16-year long claim to a Kenyan birth because to do so is to engage in “birtherism” and a racist assault on his – for the purposes of marketing a book – Kenyan heritage.

One dare not question the motives underlying their collective fraud because that implies a patriarchal, modernist, racist, … colonialist, … sexist – did I forget any? – attack on whatever parentage or heritage they have most recently claimed.

Their background is fraudulent and their experience is fraudulent. Therefore, their achievements are primarily based in lies and then bolstered and funded by additional lies and politically correct fear. Their lives are a fraud, but they are celebrated in the progressive world as shining examples of successes that others should mimic.

This is simply nonsensical.