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10:10 campaign reveals its anti-human foundations

If you ever doubted that much of what drives the extreme green movement was fundamentally anti-human, the nice people at the 10:10 campaign will make that reality absolutely clear. They tried to be cute and humourous while addressing this issue, but let their knickers peek through in advocating violent retribution against any who don’t play along.

Don’t you get it … ?? You don’t think it’s funny to murder those who disagree with you? You don’t think its amusing to spray the blood, brains, and entrails of the “climate deniers” all over the room?? Well then, perhaps the 10:10 campaign people and their ilk will have to develop a similar program for you.

You better get your hand up and agree with everyone else in the group. Be a good little soldier, shut off your mind, and get in the cue.

The greens are watching their “scientific” case for climate change fall apart with the East Anglia CRU (climategate) scandal, the NOAA database errors, the errors in the satellite monitoring being discovered, etc.

They see that they cannot win the scientific debate anymore, but they have trillions invested, entire branches of government involved, and their careers all based on the idea that we have to address climate change immediately. They have to protect their incomes and political influence, so they’re moving to the next natural step – fear and pressure. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!!” & “Either you do what we say, or else!”

This sort of thing was a constant theme in environmental ethics courses throughout my university experience. Green groups came up with arbitrary maximum world human population numbers that they felt were “truly sustainable” and then they advocated carefully crafted and nuanced policies that essentially boiled down to an argument that we needed to cull several billion humans from the face of the Earth. When they had finished with their culls, only then would we have achieved their concept of sustainability.

This is just one group who either had the courage to openly admit what they believe, or who missed the memo that this kind of open admission is supposed to be keep away from the eyes of the general public.

Politically motivated threats

First and foremost, I want to be clear that anyone of any political persuasion who threatens someone with violence or physical retribution for voting one way or another on legislation is a coward.

Moving along. With all the media stories going around about Democrats receiving threatening emails, faxes, voice mails, and telephone calls, it is worthwhile to cast our minds back just a few years. Those who are honest will remember that death threats and threats of violence toward G.W. Bush were an almost daily occurrence. To round those out, there were also novels, movies, and other assorted works of “art” that depicted Bush being murdered, attacked, or otherwise harmed.

Funny that few if any of the Democrats who are swarming their local media outlets, trying to make political gains over this issue ever bothered to get even remotely perturbed about those violent threats against Bush. Many of them appeared to find them amusing when they were targeted toward their political adversary.

For those who are not honest enough to recall the threats, the Zomblog has a good collection of reminders.